Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2014 Giveaways: The Exciting and Amazing World

It's a new month and I want to share how I spent the first day of June. Well, I went out to claim prizes. Is it exciting? Isn't it amazing?!  It is really exciting and amazing. But aside from the prizes, what I love about winning is that I get to meet new people. Today, I met bloggers, brand managers and fellow winners.  

So, I want to continue sharing to you the different on going giveaways for the month of June. This post will be updated from time to time. Hoping that more people will get to experience the best things in life (WHICH IS FREE?) and find out who are the most generous bloggers and brands nowadays. 

   Name of Giveaway or Promo:  My Birthday Giveaway (part 3): Face & Skin Clinic and   Slimmer's World.
   Hosted by: Joei & Me
   Ending: June 14, 2014
   PrizeP3,000 worth of gift certificates from Face & Skin Clinic and Slimmer's World

   Name of Giveaway or Promo:  Rochelle Rivera Blog First Year Anniversary Giveaway
   Hosted by: Rochelle Rivera
   Ending: June 15, 2014
   PrizeAssorted Loot ( 5 Gift Packs) 

   Name of Giveaway or Promo:  Win a Samsung Galaxy S5
  Hosted by: Techquark
   Ending: June 15, 2014
   PrizeSamsung Galaxy S5

  Name of Giveaway or Promo: Luxury and Royalty at its Finest at Thai Royale Spa 
  Hosted by: r0ckstarm0mma
   Ending: June 29, 2014
   PrizeGift Certificate for Spampering Package

  Name of Giveaway or Promo: 1 Million Page Views Giveaway 
  Hosted by: r0ckstarm0mma
   Ending: June 22, 2014
   PrizeAssorted Loot

   Name of Giveaway or Promo: Cynos Hair Makeover + Azta Urban Salon Giveaway
  Hosted by: Pretty Ingenious
   Ending: June 24, 2014
   Prize: Two Gift Voucher for Hair Cut and Hot Oil

Note: Source of these giveaways are from their respective pages or through information sent via email. This post will be updated from time to time within the month of June.

Disclaimer: This site is not responsible for the authenticity of the giveaway nor fulfillment of the prizes. MOST GIVEAWAYS AND PROMOTIONS ARE REAL, BUT STILL THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE OUT THERE SO JOIN AT YOUR OWN RISK.