Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 2014 Giveaways: Time to Win

As mentioned in my previous post, I believe that Facebook is a place of treasures and surprises. After the year, i was convinced that it's not just Facebook but it is the rest of the social media world like twitter and instagram. 

So, I will continue to share to you the contests and giveaways that are on going. Will try to post as often as I could to keep you updated. 

   Name of Giveaway or Promo:  My Birthday Giveaway (part 1): Win a Customized Canvas 
   Print of Your Favorite Photo! 
   Ending: May 20, 2014
   Prizeone 12x12 canvas print with wooden frame

   Name of Giveaway or Promo:  The Beauty Junkee's 5th Anniversary Ultra Super Mega        
   Ending: May 15, 2014
   Prize: 12 Different Beauty Bag (100K ++ worth of prizes) 

  Name of Giveaway or Promo:  Nature’s Path EnviroKidz Cereal #Giveaway (OPEN TO US    AND CANADA) 
   Ending: May 6, 2014
   PrizeEnviroKidz prize pack full of organic cereal and bars, valued at $100

  Name of Giveaway or Promo:  Mothers' Day Giveaway
   Ending: May 31, 2014
   Prize: Assorted Loot ( Refer to photo Below)


 Name of Giveaway or Promo:  Basta Igat, Sikat! Beauty Box Birthday Giveaway   Ending: May 31, 2014
 PrizeAssorted Loot ( Refer to photo Below)


Just a warning, i hope you follow these pages and bloggers not only for the sake of the giveaway but rather to be updated in the digital world. I have learned a lot from these pages and people. As a result, i had a lot of opportunities after. 

Note: Source of these giveaways are from their respective pages or through information sent via email. This post will be updated from time to time within the month of May.

Disclaimer: This site is not responsible for the authenticity of the giveaway nor fulfillment of the prizes. MOST GIVEAWAYS AND PROMOTIONS ARE REAL, BUT STILL THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE OUT THERE SO JOIN AT YOUR OWN RISK.