Sunday, April 7, 2013

Facebook: A Place of Treasures and Surprises

Facebook is known to be a social networking service established in February 2004. It has allowed people to connect and share information across the world real time. Users share just about anything, a picture, an idea, a ramdom quote or bulletins about themselves. It has taken a deep involvement in our personal lives that most   of us spend hours online or if not, users make sure to check important updates and notifications at least once a day. 

But Facebook is not only all about its users' personal life but it is also one of the most popular marketing tool of businesses nowadays enabling them to increase product awareness through advertisement, customer loyalty and promotions. And actually, that is what I use facebook for since I discovered that going online is not a waste of time. It offers lots of treasures and surprises. We just have to "like" the correct pages and use the right "applications" and in this way, you get a lot of freebies with just a click away. 

Afterall, I believe everyone likes PRIZES and FREEBIES. So, I will be sharing to you the contests that I have won and the applications that I know that offers FREE items. 

The first online promotion that I won was the Boracay Calling Promo where you simply just have to share what is your weekend plan.

Prizes are Boracay Rum Merchandise package, which includes 4 items:

  • A Bottle of Boracay Rum melon flavor
  • Boracay Rum beach towel
  • Boracay Rum beach slippers
  • Boracay Rum tote bag  
Second, was an awesome promotion from Dazzle Dry Philippines, which was the 10,000 SUPER FAN ROYAL TREATMENT GIVEAWAY where 3 of my friends and me (ofcourse!) got treated to  DAZZLE DRY ROYAL TREATMENT. 

Then, I got two passes for Drive In Date Night which I spent with my mom in celebration of Valentine's Day. This event is made possible by Star Movies Philippines ( and Nestle Drumstick Duo (

Not only did we enjoy the romantic evening but we were treated with Nestle Drumstick Duo and given long-stemmed red roses. 

Plus, freebies from all the event sponsors.. 

I also won a Navi Planner by answering their annual survey.. 

There are also product samples that are offered through facebook such as Pedigree Dentastix by simply filling out a short survey.

Not bad, right? Plus, there is no purchase requirement to get all of these. 

Anyway, it is not too late. I still know ongoing promotions that you can join. 

One is the Nescafe Kapihan Points from Nescafe Philippines, (
You can get Nescafe premium reward items such as mousepads, face towel, convertible backpack, lanyards, t-shirts and a lot more by simply accumulating enough points. 

So follow this link to check this application.

and to get additional points, answer this survey as well

Another, is the ongoing promotion from Fox Sports Philippines, Drafted on Fox Sports Promo wherein you can win premium items from Fox Sports and gift certificates from KFC by simply nominating the #KFCplayerofthegame. With this promotion, best to use your twitter account and follow @FOXSports_PH. 

Third is the ongoing Listerine 21 Day Challenge wherein you get the discount coupons and GCs from Zalora after completing certain lessons and tasks. Just visit Listerine Philippines Page for more details.

And ofcourse, don't forget to like these pages: BDJBOX ( and Belle de Jour Power Planner ( for awesome prizes. They have lots of ongoing promotions and you may be lucky to be one of their winners like me. The latest that I won is the April BDJBox. 

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