Sunday, April 7, 2013

Civil Wedding Quick Guide

Getting married whether in Church or a simple Civil Wedding would still require you to prepare a lot of things.  So, here is a quick guide on the basic requirements to get you started: 

1. Secure a copy of your birth certificates (NSO authenticated) . Normally, its Php140/copy but sometimes there local taxes around Php 30-50 that needs to be paid (e.g. if you get at the NSO Makati Field Office). You can get this on the same day. Just don't forget to bring a copy of a valid ID. If a representative is requesting a copy for you, an authorization letter together with your ID is needed to claim your birth certificate. 

2. Secure a copy of CENOMAR - Certificate of No Marriage from NSO. It is at Php 195/copy. Normally, it is not released on the same day of request so you need to alot time for this. It may take 3-4 days for the release of your CENOMAR.

3. Check with your Local Civil Registrar other requirements for application of Marriage License. You can choose either LCR where you or your fiance reside. 

Some of the requirements are: 
a.) Marriage License Application Form - Php 20.00 (get it from the Marriage Section of LCR)
b.) Original and photocopy of CEDULA
c.) Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO authenticated)
d.) Original and photocopy of CENOMAR
e.) 1x1 ID pictures
f.) Personal Appearance of the couple
g.) Pre-Marriage Counselling/ Family Planning Certificate - must attend the seminar, check with LCR for schedule. It should be free but most of request for donation. 

Upon submission of requirements, it would take 10 working days for its release.

4. Once you have your marriage license available, Check with the OCC - Office of Clerk of Court if you decide to be wed by a judge. Processing fee is Php 330.00. After getting the assigned judge for your proceeding, simply proceed to the judge's office to make arrangements. 

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