Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Tweet of Happiness - Join a twitter promo

Joining online contests and promotions is very easy. It is simply a matter of hitting the "share" button or sending a single tweet. With not much of an effort, disappointment is a remote idea because expectations would not be that high. 

But have you ever imagined the happiness and excitement that you will feel if you win. The moment that you see your name as one of the winners in twitter. Personally, I feel the adrenaline rush and that can certainly make my day and I call that experience A TWEET of Happiness. 

So, let me share to you the 1st ever twitter contest I won which is DRAFTED on FOX SPORTS from Fox Sports Philippines // Twitter: @FOXSports_PH 

Mechanics are very simple:

1. Follow @FOXSports_PH on twitter.
2. Watch live games of NBA on Fox Sports every THURSDAY and SATURDAY.
3. Nominate your player of the game by sending a tweet message with hash tags #KFCPlayerOfTheGame and #NBAonFOXSports

And that gives you a chance to win premium items from FOX Sports Philippines and gift certificate from KFC Philippines. They are very generous that they choose 5 winners every game. 

It's pretty easy, right? So no reason not to join especially if you know what is at stake and here are the actual prizes:

  • Fox Sports T-Shirt
  • National Geographic and Pedigree Doggie Day Camp Knapsack
  • National Geographic and Pedigree Doggie Day Camp Utility Belt Bag
  • StarWorld Notebook and Pen
  • Fox International I'm a Fan Notebook, Pen, CD in a box
  • Nissin Seafood Cup
  • Pedigree Chicken Chunks in Sauce
  • Pedigree Information Materials
  • Che Vital Queso de Bola
  • Php 1000 Gift Certificate from KFC Philippines // Twitter: @KFC Philippines

So, have your own tweet of happiness. Follow @FOXSports_PH on twitter. Promo ends April 27, 2013. 

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